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 Rank List.

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PostSubject: Rank List.   Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:13 pm

[HTA] Standard Ranks: -
[Can get promotion every 30 minutes]

New Staff

Basic Makeup Artist (2c)
Stage Trainee
Store Manager

Makeup Artist I  (3c)
Makeup Artist II
Master Makeup Artist

Proffesional Makeup Artist (4c)
Staff Controler Room
Basic Stage Agent

Stage Agent I  (5c)
Stage Agent II
Stage Agent III

Stage Agent IV (6c)
Stage Agent V

Basic Designer (7c)
Designer I
Designer II

Designer III (8c)
Designer IV
General of Designer

Head Of Stage Management (9c)
President of Designer Team
Head Of Makeup Artist

[HTA] Security: -
[Can get promotion every 1 hour]

Security Trainee (11c)
Security l (12c)
Security ll (13c)
Security lll (14c)
Advanced Security l (15c)
Advanced Security ll (16c)
Advanced Security lll (17c)
Senior Security l (18c)
Senior Security ll (19c)
Senior Security lll (20c)
Head of Security (21c)

[HTA] Trainer Ranks: -
[Can get promotion every 2 hours]

Training Recruiter (36c)
Training Agent 4th Division (38c)
Training Agent 3rd Division (40c)
Training Agent 2nd Division (42c)
Training Agent 1st Division (44c)
Trainer Divison Officer (46c)
Novice Trainer (48c)
Experienced Trainer (50c)
Supervisor of Training (52c)
Leader of Training (54c)
Director of Training (56c)
Senior Director of Training (58c)
Handler of Training (60c)

[HTA] Crew Unit: -
[Can get promotion every 3 hours]

Crew Trainee (64c)
Crew l (66c)
Crew ll (68c)
Crew lll (70c)
Advanced Crew l (72c)
Advanced Crew ll (74c)
Advanced Crew lll (76c)
Senior Crew l (78c)
Senior Crew ll (80c)
Senior Crew lll (82c)
Chief Crew (84c)

[HTA] Cameraman Ranks: -
[Can get promotion every 5 hours]

Cameraman Member I (85c)
Cameraman Member II (87c)
Cameraman Member III (90c)
Cameraman Member IV (93c)
Director Of Photography (96c)
Head Cameraman (99c)
Senior HeadCameraman (101c)

[HTA] Technical Ranks: -
[Can get promotion every 10 hours]

Technical Trainee (108c)
Technical l (110c)
Technical ll (113c)
Technical lll (115c)
Advanced Technical l (117c)
Advanced Technical ll (120c)
Advanced Technical lll (123c)
Senior Technical l (125c)
Senior Technical ll (127c)
Senior Technical lll (129c)
Chief Technical (131c)

[HTA] Talent High Ranks: -
[Can get promotion every 12 hours]

Junior Talent (145c)  
Talent (143c)
Talent Section Chief  (146c)
Chief Talent Director (147c)
Chief Talent Manager (149c)
Chief Talent Operating Officer (150c)
Junior Talent Director (152c)
Senior Talent Director (154c)
Talent Deputy Director (156c)
Talent Assistant Director (158c)
Talent Executive Assistant  (160c)

[HTA] Artist Department :
[Can get promotion every 2 days]

Extra Artist (172c)
No Dialog Artist (174c)
Extra With Dialog (175c)
Supporting Artist (177c)
Artist Chief Director (179c)
Artist Chief Manager (181c)
Artist Chief Operating Officer (183c)
Artist Elite Director (185c)
Artist Supreme Director (188c)
Artist Associate Deputy Director (192c)
Artist Deputy Assistant Director (194c)
Artist Associate Executive Assistant (196c)

[HTA] Admistration Rank
[Can get promotion every 1 week]

Head of Cleaner (250c)
Head of Security (245c)
Head of Trainer (257c)
Head of Crew (260c)
Head of Cameraman (264c)
Head of Technical (267c)
Head of Talent (269c)
Head Of Artist (302c)


[HTA] Production Department: -

Runner Production (308c)
Handyman (312c)
Driver Production (315c)
Art Production (318c)
Senior Art Production (401c)
StuntMan Production (404c)
Executive Chief Production (407c)
Senior Executive Chief (500c)
Director Production (502c)
Treasurer Production (505c)

This Rank Below Are Not For Sale, They Will Be Selected by Founder's above.

[HTA] Top Ranks:

Sec. of Crew (Vacant)
Sec. of Cameraman (Vacant)
Sec. of Technical (Vacant)
Sec. of Talent (Vacant)
Sec. of Artist Training (Vacant)
Main Talent (Vacant)
Main Artis (Vacant)
Hero (Vacant)
Heroin (Vacant)
Scripwriter (Vacant)
Production Decision (Vacant)
Vice Producer (Vacant)
Producer Rep (Vacant)
Producer (Vacant)


[HTA] Ownership's: -

Trial Ownership (Ateri)
3rd Ownership (Vacant)
2nd Ownership (Vacant)
1st Ownership (Vacant)
Head Of Ownership (Vacant)

[HTA] Founder's: -

HQ Founder (Vacant)
Management Founder (Vacant)
General Founder (Vacant)
Owner's (.:Meowth:.)
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Rank List.
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